• Targeted studentsStudents for the program are expecting to come from all Coral Triangle countries and neighboring areas, including students from other areas who are willing to study about Indo-Pacific coral reef biodiversity and conservation.
  • Prerequisite of students to apply. Students have to hold a bachelor degree in the area of natural sciences (any of these: biology, pharmaceutical biology, paleontology, microbiology, and chemistry with biological background). There will be a set of requirement to be met during the application (to be define later; including passing an examination once the student has sent the application form).
  • Eligibility. The candidates must have completed 16 years of education and hold a bachelor degree in Natural Sciences with an average GPA of >3.0 and an English proficiency exam result of TOEFL (?500) or IELTS (?5.5). Selection of the candidates will be done in two stages: documentary and interviews. After passing the documentary selection, the candidates will be interviewed using an electronic communication method.


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