The targeted students will be from Asian countries (especially the countries within the CTI program) and students from other countries who are interested in studying Indo-Pacific coral reef biodiversity and conservation. The program is intended for master students from two different categories:

  • Full-time Students. Students in this category are students who will be involved in the regular program (a two-year program) and they have to meet all the requirement given by the host institution (which is Aquatic Science Study Program of Sam Ratulangi University). Application for the program is available from February to June and commencement time is in July.
  • Part-time Students (Visiting students).This category refers to students, from other institution who are willing to spend at least one semester in the international program to study one or more particular subject/s offered by the institution. Students in this category will have to meet a particular requirement by the host institution. A marking or grading system will be established to accommodate the need of students from different universities (for example, there will be conversion for those with ECTS). Application for the program has to be submitted at least one semester prior to the commencement (January and July).


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