IPCRBC: Facilities

Research facilities

  • Laboratory: The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated facilities including PCR, HPLC, AAS, UV Spectrophotometer and other portable equipment for field work.
  • Boats and diving equipment: The program is provided with vessels for field work and diving equipment (SCUBA).
  •  Likupang Marine Field Station: Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science has a marine research station at Likupang which is about 60 kms from the main campus. The research station offers facility for students to stay while they are doing their activity during courses and final project.
  • Research Areas:

Bunaken National Park: Besides the marine station, students have access to study in coral reef areas which are closed to the main campus. Bunaken National Parks extends over an area of 890.65 km² of which only 3% is terrestrial, including Bunaken Island, as well as the islands of Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain and Siladen. This park has attracted many scientists and divers all over the world because of its high marine biodiversity. The island is around 30mins by boat from downtown Manado City. For those who are willing to work on mangroves (as one of supporting components of the coral reef), there is a possibility to work in Mantehage Island which has a large mangrove coverage. (> go to About Bunaken)

Lembeh Strait: Lembeh Strait is another choice for doing research on marine biodiversity. Situated around 60kms from the main campus (on the other side of Minahasa Peninsula), this area offers a unique biodiversity of marine organisms. One research station belongs to Oceanography Institute of Indonesia is also situated at the area.

Library and internet access
There are two main libraries accessible to students, the library in the parent institution (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science) and library at the Aquatic Science Study Program. Free internet connections for students and lecturers can be accessed within the main campus.


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